Loboguerrero, Ivan (B. 1963)

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Loboguerrero’s work is an entrance to an imaginative travel to discover, an even become a partner of his internal passion, to share his dreams, to be part of that mysterious flash, yet soft and seductive, that hits the observer. As a person digs into his work abstracts elements start to appear, brighter and more significant light strokes and a deeper color definition merge into a perfect contrast.

Yellow, ochre, lilac, orange and even white, which is not a color easy to deal with, look great because of Loboguerrero’s own style. At this point, there is a bit of the artist’s undisclosed magic. He belongs to realism but… has a new vision. His work is now more profound. Behind the obvious there is still real meaning of the piece that in a 3-Dimension needs to be discovered. His work is rich in oil quantity and elaborated texture.