Meziat, Renato (B. 1952)

Renato Meziat was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1952. In 1978 and 1979, his work was chosen for display at the prestigious I Salao National de Artes Plásticas. Then in 1980, his solo exhibition graced the halls of the Galeria Ipanema in his native city. Meziat ranks among the top notch realist contemporary painters, influenced by the works of Chilean master Claudio Bravo. Well cultured, attentive observer of the different “realities” that surrounded him, skilled in the handling of shades and colors, self-taught who was born to paint, he searches in art the means to becoming a man of the 21st century.

Meziat shows us his work with remarkable simplicity and elegance. His paintings are, many times, successful at making us smile. Never academic, his compositions are always well balanced and sophisticated. His paintings are in private collections throughout North and South America and Europe. His works have also been sold very successfully at several auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, “Latin American Art” in New York City.