SÁnchez, Tomas (B. 1948)

Tomás Sánchez was educated at the Academia de San Alejandro and the National School for Art in Havana. He was associated with the neo-figuration movement of Cuba in the 1960’s and 1970’s and was awarded the Joan Miró prize.

Sánchez is best recognized for his paintings of carefully detailed tropical landscapes. His paintings of idealistic landscapes are contrasted by his depictions of garbage sites which he uses to criticize the environment of contamination. The artist currently lives in South Florida and Costa Rica.


For the past seven years, world renowned Latin American Master, Tomas Sánchez, chose photography as another method of expressing his magnificent art. Now for the first time, and exclusively at Jorge M. Sori Fine Art, Sanchez will exhibit a special selection of these photograph that eloquently capture the amazing and haunting designs of nature along the Pacific Coastline. For the first time, and prior to his October exhibition, preview a special selection of Tomas Sánchez photography at Jorge M. Sori Fine Art.